Cykno Electric Bike

This vintage inspired e-bike is as much a work of art as it is a means of transportation. The Cykno Electric Bike is the outcome of a dream by the great engineer and innovator Bruno Greppi in collaboration with designers Luca Scopel, Gianpietro Vigorelli and Italian advertising Guru Riccardo Lorenzini.  A classic “Made in Italy” creation boasting a retro eclectic look the Cykno is crafted from carbon fiber and stainless steel with a blend of premium leathers. The unusual seat is suspended by a stainless steel blade and upholstered in selected fine leather also used to dress the handlebars and other parts of the frame.

In the spirit of maintaining a low environmental impact the central motor with the latest technology is fitted with a lithium polymer battery with high energy density and praises 60km of cruising autonomy on a single four hour charge. To discover or buy this high-performance stylish cruiser visit the company online at Cykno.

Photography: Marco Craig

Cykno Bike 1Cykno Bike2Cykno Bike3Cykno Bike5 Cykno Bike4

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