Misfit Shine

Resembling an elegant piece of jewelry the Shine from Misfit Wearables is an activity tracker that you might actually like wearing!Its sleek and stylish design, is crafted from aerospace grade aluminum and you can attach the device as a wristwatch, a pendant or simply as a clip-on accessory. The Misfit Shine tracks a variety of activities including walking, running, swimming, sleep behavior and it even tells you the time of day.

But the coolest feature is how you interact with Shine. With a simple tap of your finger you can see your progress, and without any cables fastoesslot.org or Bluetooth you can sync data by simply placing your device on your screen and with a battery life of four months there is no need for charging stations!

“Built to last a lifetime”, the Misfit Shine is available for purchase online along with accessories such as the leather band and necklace.

Misfit Shine1Shine Leather Band3Shine Leather Band2Shine Necklace1Shine Sport Band1shine_pressShine Phone Sync

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