Sleek, Hybrid, Sexy….the Code X Luxury Yacht

The stunning Code X Yacht speaks for itself. Now add to that the fact that it is a Swiss luxury catamaran with a distinctive blend of modern design, advanced eco technology and high quality construction and you get a truly unique hybrid power yacht. And if you need convincing that this solar powered yacht may not keep you up to speed contact Code X or take a look at the specs:


2 x llmor marine combustion engines MV10-710

Configuration: 90 degree V10

Horsepower: 2×710 HP

Torque: 882Nm@4800 rpm

Full throttle rpm range: 5400-6300

Capacity: 2 x 8.3 liters

Performance: 90 kn

2 x electric engines

Source of Energy:

Fossil fuel (2 tanks) and silicon-fire Methanol


code-x-yacht_07 codex_img2 code-x-yacht_01 code-x-yacht_02 code-x-yacht_06

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