Snolo Stealth-X Sled

Snolo is taking sledding to new heights with their latest hand-crafted innovation in snow sports. Created in New Zealand by Sean Boyd, the Stealth-X is aimed at snow enthusiasts seeking serious adult fun. This high performance alpine sled is made of carbon fiber and can be used on both hard compact snow and soft powdered snow. The Stealth-X has a seating position that makes you feel like you are sitting in a race car, it has steering ability and it has speed which can reach up to 65km/ph or more. It can also maneuver and stop in much the same manner as a snowboard using your feet and body positioning. The cool factor is that it folds up to be carried like a za account under your original school’s administration. backpack for extreme cliff exploring! Available at Snolosleds for $2,549.

Stealth-X Top Stealth-X Side Stealth-X Rear Stealth-X Front Stealth-X Front 1 Snolo Stealth-X Snolo Stealth-X Backpack Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

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